About Us

About Us

The NYS System of Care (SOC) delivers support and tools to:

  • Implement the national System of Care framework;
  • assist local communities in collaborative efforts;
  • support the children’s system workforce; and
  • best meet community needs.

We have been working toward our goals since the receipt of the first grant.

SAMHSA System of Care Expansion Grant (NYS ACHIEVE, 2016-2020)

ACHIEVE (Advancing Care through Health Integration and Evidence-based Effort) was introduced by the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene and the Office of Mental Health. Partners involved with SOC efforts throughout the state included:

  • State and local child-serving agencies
  • Family representatives
  • Youth partners ACHIEVE developed the High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) model and  strengthened the Systems of Care infrastructure statewide.

SAMHSA System of Care Expansion Grant (NYS Systems of Care 2020-2024)

OMH continues to improve the outcomes of children and transition aged youth with SED. The Systems of Care Project is expanding SOC county infrastructure rural interventions and using the HFW care coordination practice model in Health Homes Serving Children throughout NYS.

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