HFW Outcomes

HFW Outcomes


The Research is clear – High Fidelity Wraparound leads to positive outcomes.  Outcomes are demonstrated anecdotally as well as by thorough research and reporting both in New York and in other states.

The NYS State Systems of Care Four Year Report describes the implementation and outcomes of the initiative. The focus was in two areas:

  • Strengthening NYS child-serving systems using the SOC framework through state-wide and county-specific efforts, and
  • Implementing the NYS SOC High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) Pilot within Health Homes Serving Children (HHSC) for youth and young adults with severe mental health needs and their families.

Evaluation findings that highlight Family Success:

  • Medicaid data analyses using propensity score matching demonstrated a positive outcome for HFW participants compared with a matched comparison group.
  • HFW participants demonstrated decreased residential treatment-related spending after enrollment, while comparison participants showed an increase over the same period. This finding suggests a reduction in residential placement following enrollment in HFW.
  • HFW participants had lower overall costs in the six months after enrollment in HFW than in the six months prior. A similar cost change was observed for a comparison group of only-HHSC-enrolled youth, suggesting that general reductions in Medicaid spending may be related to receipt of any care coordination, whether HHSC or HFW.
  • Care managers reported family improvements in CANS-NY areas of trauma, behavioral health, child and caregiver needs and functioning, and child strengths.
  • Caregivers reported statistically significant improvements in youth impairment and symptomology, and caregivers had a significant reduction in strain over the course of HFW enrollment. Youth empowerment and hope also improved.

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