SOC Action Planning

SOC Action Planning

What is it?

A Systems of Care Action Planning Workshop trains facilitators throughout the state to lead local planning efforts and refresh understanding of the SOC framework.

The SOC Action Planning Workshop supports:

  • Development of a localized map of the children’s system of care.
  • Identification of local strengths and resources, and gaps and opportunities.
  • Development of a preliminary strategic plan to address priority areas for change.

The SOC Action Planning Workshop provides a method to identify local gaps and devise opportunities to address them.

Workshop Format

Review System of Care Framework and Core Principles

The SOC framework is the underpinning of the Action Planning Workshop and guides all efforts to improve a County’s children’s system of care.

Evolution of the SOC Approach 

Assess Local System of Care Infrastructure

Participants must complete a Local Infrastructure Self-Assessment Survey and Administrative Data Table prior to the workshop. These assessments gather perceptions of strengths and challenges within local service systems/agencies as well as information on populations served. This data is used to lead the mapping exercise.

Conduct Gaps Analysis and Set Priorities

Reviewing the results of the Survey and mapping process, participants  identify gaps and areas for improvement in the County’s System of Care and assign priority for the action planning process.

 Develop an Action Plan and Determine Next Steps

Participants review the priority areas identified from the mapping and Self-Assessment Survey exercises. Discussions on the County’s adoption and active implementation of the values and principles are considered. Participants create an action plan,  developing detailed components of initial action steps, objectives, tasks, assignments, and timelines. This serves as the County’s System of Care initial action plan.

Who Should be Invited?

Representatives from each system below should be invited to attend the workshop.

Mental Health                                   Public Health

Medical                                             Caregivers

Care Management                           Youth

Education                                         Juvenile Justice

Community Providers                      Developmental Disabilities

Substance Use                                Child Welfare


Participants should be  in a leadership role that can make commitments on behalf of their agency or system. This group may entail up to 30 systems leaders from the county.

County Commitment

Counties are committing to regular meetings to prepare and carry out the SOC Action Planning Workshop.

In preparation for the workshop, a member from the NYS SOC Team schedules regular meetings with the local planning committee to review:

  • The planning process,
  • Goals of the workshop,
  • The list of participants
  • Timeframe for the series,
  • Facilitators

The workshop can be delivered based on the county’s preference:

  • Virtually: Five two-hour sessions (weekly) over Zoom or Webex Training
  • Hybrid: Three two-hour sessions (weekly) over Zoom or Webex Training in addition to one in-person session (3.5 hours)
  • In Person: One full day (7-8 hours)

Regular meetings are held to debrief on each session and plan for upcoming sessions. Through these meetings, the NYS SOC Team is able to tailor the workshop and make adjustments to meet the needs of the county.

Success Stories

Hear from our Participants:

  • “Getting providers together to problem solve, many were experiencing the same challenges and hearing about services and barriers was helpful.”
  • “Many stakeholders in the county aren’t familiar with each service and how it can benefit children, youth and families served. It was a needed reality check to recognize that although services have been in place for a long period of time, not everyone is aware of services and more outreach is always needed.”
  • “Input from various stakeholders on needs of the system, communication breakdowns, areas we could work better together on.”
  • “The workshop allowed for collaboration with other systems and some of the breakout sessions created great discussion.”
  • “Getting the stakeholders together to develop an actionable plan. As a new member of the community, it was also helpful to learn from others.”
  • “Getting people together, discussing openly agency and regional weaknesses.”
  • “Able to speak with other agencies about what they are currently doing and what we can do to work together better.”
  • “Bringing people together to communicate in a regular and sustained manner for the purpose of taking a deeper dive into some of our strengths and into the areas that still need to be addressed.”
  • “Networking with other service providers in the county.”
  • “I loved the ability to collectively work on goals and the visual mapping was very helpful.”
  • “Mapping the services in the county was very helpful.”

Interested in Learning More?

Reach out to The NYS System of Care Project Coordinator, Jessica Stanis.

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