What is SHAPE?

What is SHAPE?

Connection to Systems of Care

The New York State Office of Mental Health Division of Integrated Community Services for Children and Families (NYS OMH DCF) is interested in learning about the school mental health systems across the state and have designed this pilot using a nationally developed assessment.  It is our hope that schools will engage in assessing their current mental health system and identify areas of improvement for the future. DCF staff will assist in preparing a district or school to complete the assessment and to debrief on the resulting report.  As schools make plans to address the changing mental health needs of their students, DCF will ensure connection to the children’s local System of Care.


The School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE) System is a web-based platform that offers schools, districts, and states/territories targeted resources to support school mental health quality improvement.

SHAPE was developed by the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH), in partnership with the field, to increase the quality and sustainability of comprehensive school mental health systems.

SHAPE includes the following assessments for team completion at the school or district level:

  • School Mental Health Quality Assessment (SMH-QA)
  • National School Mental Health Census
  • Trauma Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment

These assessments :

  • Document the school mental health system components,
  • Assess the comprehensiveness of a school mental health system
  • Prioritize quality improvement efforts,
  • Track improvement over time.

School Mental Health Quality Assessment

The School Mental Health Quality Assessment  will help your team assess the quality of your school mental health system based on seven domains and associated best practices:

  1. Teaming
  2. Needs Assessments & Resource Mapping
  3. MH Screening
  4. MH Promotion Services & Supports (Tier 1)
  5. Early Intervention & Treatment Services & Supports (tiers 2 & 3)
  6. Funding & Sustainability
  7. Impact

Completion of all seven domains provides the most thorough view of your current school mental health system; however, you can pick and choose which domains to complete. Teams receive customized reports based on their responses. These reports align with free resources in the Resource Center to guide decision-making.

Access the School Mental Health Quality Assessment with SHAPE registration.

Access a printable version of the full District Quality Assessment 

Access a printable version of the full School Quality Assessment

Getting Started Video

School Mental Health Census / School Mental Health Profile

The School/District Mental Health Profile is a good place to start your planning processes. The School/District Mental Health Profile collects information and provides a snapshot of the following:

  • Multi-tiered services and supports
  • Staffing
  • Financing
  • Data systems of your school/district mental health system

Completing the profile provides a snapshot of the services, data systems, and staffing supports already at play in your school/district.

  • Celebrate what your school/district has already been able to accomplish!
  • Use the results to guide discussions about how to maximize your system’s quality, given these existing staffing or funding restraints.
  • Maximize the efficiency of these strategic planning discussions by having all the information about the structure of your school mental health system in one place.
      • You can complete the profile on the SHAPE site or by paper and pencil (before transferring answers to the online version):

Access the School Mental Profile with SHAPE registration

Access a printable District Version of the School Mental Health Profile  

Access a printable School Version of the School Mental Health Profile

Completing School Mental Health Profile Video

Trauma Responsive Assessment

The Trauma Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment (TRS-IA) is an evidence-informed quality improvement tool. The self-assessment comprises eight key domains and takes less than 20 minutes to complete:

  • Whole School Safety Planning
  • Whole School Prevention Planning
  • Whole School Trauma Programming
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Prevention/Early Intervention Trauma Programming
  • Targeted Trauma-Informed Programming
  • Staff Self Care
  • Family and Community Engagement

Feedback reports and comprehensive guides to enhancing trauma-responsive programming are generated upon completion.

Access the TRSA-IA 

Access a full TRS-IA printable assessment

You can view additional Trauma Informed Resources on the  SHAPE Resources page.

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