Youth and Family Voice

Youth and Family Voice

The Systems of Care Framework affirms the importance of family and youth voice in their own care as well as in local community decision making.   

We recognize the value of family and youth driven services – welcoming Family and Youth Peer Engagement Specialists to the Project Team.  

As part of the NYS System of Care Pilot, they promote the critical role of family and youth voice throughout New York communities. Our Peer Engagement Specialists provide training, coaching and technical assistance to county government bodies, community providers and peers.  

Peer Advocates

Youth and Family peer advocates are credentialed providers who complete training to provide support to families and youth.  

Family Peer advocates support the family unit on behalf of the unit while Youth peer advocates support the youth directly. Critical to this role are peers’ lived experience – as a parent or primary caregiver of someone with a mental health condition or a young adult who has navigated systems, such as mental health, juvenile justice, foster care, etc., for themselves.  

Family and Youth Peer Advocates have walked in similar shoes as every family and youth they serve.

The Power of Peers

What is youth peer support and why is it important?

These young leaders explore their experiences in giving and/or receiving support, the impact it had, and advice for those looking to incorporate youth peer support into their work or lives.  

This video was created by YOUTH POWER! in partnership with Youth FX through the SAMHSA-funded NYS Success Project. 


Do’s and Don’t of Youth Guided Practice

The Do’s and Don’t of Youth Guided Practice Video


Support for Family and Youth Voice

The family and youth movement continues to develop and grow in New York State (On the Shoulders of Giants video) as well as nationally.

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